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fifi jewelry and cigar store

There is something about cigars and jewelry that just scream luxury. When you come to our location, you can see luxury in every inch of our store. The store itself was founded in 2001, but our team of professionals has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our passion is sharing the finer things in life with our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Let us help you find the perfect something for you or for your loved one.

Our store is named Fifi, our owner and top seller at the physical store. What makes Fifi so good? The passion for each and every item that is sold in store as well as the drive to make sure every customer leaves the store in love with their new items. You can get jewelry and cigars anywhere else, but people keep coming back because of the quality products and unbeatable customer service. If there is something you are looking for, Fifi can help you find the perfect piece.

At Fifi Jewelry and Cigar Store, we offer a one stop shop for luxury. You can find a wide array of fine jewelry, from a huge selection of elegant and quality gemstones and stunning gold jewelry. You can come in knowing that we are going to have the perfect item for the special person in your life, even if you just want a new shiny accessory for yourself.

In addition to stunning fine jewelry, Fifi’s also sells high quality cigars. Our cigars come from our own factory, the Monseñor De Puerto Plata. This is important to the company because it allows them to create the perfect variety of cigars to ensure that customers find the exact one they are looking for. Fine cigars are hard to find, but you can certainly come in and find the best of the best in our store. Once you try one of our cigars, it will be hard for you to go back. Our experience helps us consistently craft and improve our products to make sure that we only offer the highest quality products.

Treat yourself to something luxurious, because you deserve it. At Fifi Jewelry and Cigar Store, luxury is everything to us because it is everything to our customers. You can have good products or decent customer service, but unless you have both you cannot build a solid customer base. We do so well because our customers keep coming back. Our staff is knowledgeable about the products, able to answer any questions that you may have. We offer you valuable gifting advice when you are looking for that special someone. We do whatever we can to make sure that you have a positive experience while you are in our store. We want you to walk out the doors happy with the products and service that you received while here. Check out our physical store and see for yourself what makes our company leagues ahead of everyone else. Customer satisfaction and a luxurious experience is what Fifi’s is all about.

As part of the cable car tour we had the opportunity of going to a top quality jewelry maker. Jewelry was made in both sterling silver and 14K gold. Gems included Lalimar, Amber and Conch shell. Absolutely exquisite. Try and re frame from buying on the beaches....

I did buy some beautiful Larimar & Amber Jewelry and nice flavored vanilla & cherry cigars! You should visit this place!

Vast amounts of jewel and gold. I don't smoke cigars ,but for you bulls out there go for it !The people helped me out and were very nice to talk to. The setting very tourist friendly .

Fifi is super sweet!!!

Fifi has lots of beautiful things!!! My husband had just as much fun in the cigar store!!! Don't go in unless you plan on spending money lol.

We didn't go, until our driver to the airport asked us if we had gone to a cigar, we went on the cross/rum/something else tour...LOL. So he drove us there...they swept my husband into the cigar area, me into jewelry...NOPE, went to see WHERE he was...great hand rolled cigars...OMG...and whatever drink they serve is AMAZING...LOVE IT...somehow got thru customs, Newark doesn't ask anymore...??? customs there was SCARY! Took my passport, made me submit to entire search, swabbed me...I was almost in tears...but got thru it, and my cigars are SAFE!!!

It was easy to spend money here! 
My fiancé was scooped up and taken to the cigar shop while I was presented with many beautiful Larimar jewels!
After his purchase of cigars, he was delighted to see a nice selection of mens thick silver necklaces, which he purchased one he was looking for! I guess he decided it was my turn and Fifi helped make me a package deal of necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings! Something I will treasure for years to come and very unique.
Thank you Fifi for a wonderful shopping experience. 
Be prepared to spend your money in this store.... and enjoy a cigar while you shop and if you like the mamajuana they are happy to supply those drinks for you also!

the cigar shop had everything a cigar smoker could ask for.The had every brand of cigar and the prices were reasonable.Very much enjoyed my visit there,can't wait until my next visit

If you want to feel the spirt of the Dominican you have to visit this Store.You can see the cigars beening made and even try one. The selllers know there cigars and can tell you all about them.They can even get cigars shipped to you.
Now with the jewelery i have bought from there so far. It has been valued at 50% more than i did pay for. FIFI and her sellers can give you the history of the Local stone, Amber and Larimar. Which is truley amazing. Highly recomend this Store

We as cigar smokers, this mid-sized but complete cigar factory and from the beginning we where received by professional people who helped us to find and discover a complete explanation about how premium (hand made) cigars are crafted. They have all Dominican and Cuban cigars but also there own brand named Monseñor de Puerto
Plata with a enormous variety of all kind of excellent smoke's. The prices are excellent because we could buy directly from the factory. A positive side is also that we didn't had to travel to Santiago to see a real cigar manufacturer. I recommend this to any smoker or non-smoker. During that the men where enjoying cigars our wives could enjoying the jewelry department called FiFi jewelry store.

Was lucky or taxi driver took us here! Hector was great to deal with, and the cigar are excellent! My wife bought a ring and could not be happier!

Amazing. Hand rolled cigars. Factory on site. See the rollers creating great cigars all sizes and even samples were given to try from each cigar roller. The prices were just right. Very friendly atmosphere. A must visit while in the D.R.

Excellent experience, I absolutely loved it and I highly recommend that if you're visiting the Dominican Republic. Fifi Jewelry Cigar store should be one of the places that you go to.

My Mom loves the Amber as do I! Wonderful shop and employees!!! 10/10 would recommend! Don't pass on the Mama Juana, SO GOOD!

I love the necklace with pendant I just bought! The salesman really took his time until I found what I liked. And my husband got a box of hand-rolled cigars. Great place!

This store has fantastic cigars rolled by hand and sold under their house brand Monsenor de Puerto Plata. I personally had the pleasure of rolling my own hand made cigar. The house brand Monsenor de Puerto Plata is an excellent cigar!! This store is a destination must if you are visiting Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic. See you next year Fifi Jewelry and Cigar Store - can't wait.


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